May 28, 2014 | 2 Jit 2 Quit: In Search of Detroit’s Street Dance Culture Past and Present |

Last Friday, crowds packed into the Detroit Institute of Art’s Detroit Film Theatre for a red carpet event. But while the massive collection at the acclaimed public museum is a draw—as well as a centerpiece in the city’s ongoing bankruptcy drama—it was a different kind of local art that was about to be on display, one that hasn’t always gotten the same attention as its home city’s other creative and musical accomplishments. Alongside the well-to-do museum benefactors of Detroit’s elite, older generation who typically frequent the Art Institute’s events was a younger crowd there specifically to support local graffiti artist turned dancer turned documentarian Haleem Rasul, a.k.a. Stringz, who was premiering a documentary he made and produced called The Jitterbugs: Pioneers of the Jit. Prior to the evening, the older benefactors may not have had much of an idea as to what the street dance sub-culture they were there to learn the history of is all about—but, then again, not many other people do either. | Read more here.

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