Oct. 5, 2016 | Restaurant review: Mocha Cafe is a Yemeni-American treat | Detroit Metro Times

A certain connotation often emerges with fusion cuisine. The concept at times feels forced or contrived. When offerings like battered mac ‘n cheese balls making on a dim sum menu become commonplace, the notion of fusion can be skewed.

But before the trend became cliché, immigrant communities all over the United States were fusing cultures together for generations, not so much to be hip, but more so out of necessity. When soybean paste, fish sauce, ancho chili peppers, or fresh cactus are scarce in urban settings, folks tend to improvise in the kitchen. The result: a hybrid of something familiar with newly adopted ingredients. Tacos with ketchup, anyone? How about a hot dog rolled in a corn tortilla, maybe a killer ramen hack, or a bag of Flaming Hot Cheetos doused in lime juice? | Read more here.

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