Feb. 27, 2017 | Paczki Are Fat Tuesday Polish Doughnuts Filled With Regional Pride | ExtraCrispy.com

Only in the Upper Midwest, where long winters force residents to layer on calories to keep warm, can a festival that revolves around a rich, fat and sugar-laden pastry exist. Traditionally consumed in Poland on the Thursday before Ash Wednesday, paczki (pronounced pooonch-key in the plural) or paczek  (PON-check in the singular) are pure indulgence in the form of an oversized jelly doughnut (though don’t call it a doughnut around loyalists). Loaded with lard, sugar, and eggs, and injected with a heavy, fruity jelly filling, paczki flavors range from traditional rose hip or stewed plum to strawberry, apple, lemon, chocolate, Bavarian cream, custard, and peanut butter. | Read more here.

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